19 mai 2015 The Behemoth's 4th Game - The first 20 minutes

*Huge Spoiler Alert* | http://www.thebehemoth.com/game4
This video reveals a huge chunk of Game 4 (working title) and its storyline with the main characters. Intro and outro given by Dan Paladin, co-founder of The Behemoth & art director of all our games.

You might have first seen our blueberry farmer at PAX Prime 2014 when he was first flung into the chaos we’ve code named, Game 4. We've put together a video of the first 20 minutes of said chaos case you missed it, or just want to see some of the changes since then. BEHOLD! The first 20 minutes of our next game!

(This video footage shows Game 4 gameplay as of May 2015.)

If you’re interested in anything that got reworked, you can check out our latest blog post that goes over some art changes we've had during our development of the game: http://blog.thebehemoth.com/2015/05/19/first-20-minutes-of-game-4/

Game 4 will be available with a solo story mode, 2 player co-op story, and 2v2 Arena. It has been announced for Xbox One and Steam.

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